me and oli 2 

Hi and welcome to Jolis Kitchen!

My name is Jenny, the person behind the recipes. Oliver, my boyfriend, helps capture the photos and likes to bake. We met in Ibiza 10 years ago and after travelling around the world for 18 months, we explored and discovered new flavours from around the globe, met lots of inspiring foodies on the way and attended some epic food workshops.  Plant based food is our thing! We do include meats, fish and eggs sometimes too.We currently live in London.

I’m a Nutritional Therapist, you can view my personal website here if you like.

The science of nutritional medicine fascinates me, I get great pleasure from making food taste amazing with natural ingredients. I truly believe that the healthiest meals are the tastiest meals! I strongly believe that anyone, whatever their age or fitness level, can benefit from the ‘food-as-medicine’ philosophy for optimum health.

This blog is a food journey, all these recipes are pretty straightforward, do get in touch if you need help.




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